MarTech Made Easy

Project 3 Consulting has MarTech experts ready to provide strategic and tactical consulting services to help you plan, implement, and execute your digital marketing programs.

Data Centralization

Modern MarTech practices require sound digital data management, from strategy through execution.

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MarTech Architecture

Complex MarTech stacks need expert strategies and tactics from seasoned solution architects.

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Talent Management

Scale your team with experienced analysts, coaches, architects, strategists, and developers.

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Testing and Validation

Our proven testing programs provide tangible value for your organization.

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About Project 3 Consulting

Transforming Your Business

At Project 3, we provide a variety of MarTech professional services through a curated roster of seasoned professional consultants. We specialize in making your digital data flows simple, so that they are easy to understand and work how you want them to.

CDP Services

Maximize your MarTech spend and your team’s efficiency. We’ll help you analyze your requirements, select a vendor, facilitate setup, document essential processes, and train your team to use a Customer Data Platform (CDP).

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Analytics Audits

Boost your efficiency and reporting outputs with our analytics auditing services. Our experienced team will identify issues and areas of opportunity, then create a roadmap to implement industry best practices to optimize your team’s data collection.

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MarTech Migration

Migrating from one marketing technology to another can be a daunting task. With support from our team of engineers, analysts, and project managers, we can help you plan for and execute a MarTech migration with precision.

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Data Governance

Project 3 helps our clients navigate through the complexities of digital data governance. You need to be able to trust your marketing data – collecting and delivering it where, when and how it’s needed, and using it to make smarter decisions.

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Did You Know?

Over 55% of Project 3’s clients belong to the Fortune 500.