Transforming Your Business

Project 3 Consulting has experts ready to help you to transform your business into a digital power house.

Data Centralization

Providing strategy, architecture, and delivery for tag management.

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Technology Development

Complicated technical problems need expert solutions.

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Talent Management

Scale with experienced analysts, engineers, architects, and developers.

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Design experiments that validate and act upon the results to drive for the best ROI.

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Project 3 Talent

About Project 3

The Talent We Bring to the Table

Our fully remote, US-based team of experts are flexible with a time zone that works for you. Come take a look at what our team is passionate about and where we’ve helped our customers get value.

CDP Services

Maximize your MarTech dollars and your team’s efficiency. Let us help you select a vendor, facilitate set up, document essential processes, train your team to navigate and use your selected CDP to achieve your business goals.

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Analytics / Tag Management Audit

Boost your tagging efficiency and reporting outputs with our analytics and tag management auditing services. Allow our experienced team to implement industry-best practices and optimize your team’s efficiency with these tools.

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GA4 Migration

Transition your GA account and avoid common pitfalls with our customized migration checklist. Whether you are new to GA or a veteran, support from our team of engineers and analysts can help you accomplish your reporting goals faster.

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Intelligent Data Governance & Compliance

Project 3 helps our clients navigate through the complexities of governance. You need to be able to trust your data – deliver it where, when and how it’s needed, and use it to make smarter decisions.

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Did You Know?

Over 55% of Project 3’s clients belong to the Fortune 500.