Professional Services

Regulatory / Data Privacy (GDPR & CCPA)

P3’s Team is well versed in implementing technical strategies that meet the requirements for regulations like GDPR & CPAA. From the simplest to the most complex, P3 has the acumen to work closely with your Legal/Governance Team ensure your data collection strategy is compliant with all applicable laws and being enforced technically.

Data Driven Methodologies

P3 will guide your Team on interpreting data and provide valuable next steps to act upon it. Using proven process and methodologies, P3 will provide impactful and strategic recommendations for your organization to leverage, thus optimizing your organization’s decision making capability across all channels.


One of P3’s core competencies is performing in depth audits of your data collection implementation. Ensuring accurate and complete data is essential as data is the foundation for your companies’ digital initiatives and key building confidence with internal stakeholders. Equally important is P3’s capabilities to audit your Marketing Technology ecosystem, ensuring that the maximum value through integrations is being leveraged.

Tag Management

P3 has a diverse team of experts in every single Tag Management platform on the market.  Whether you are using Google Tag Manager or a comprehensive Tealium engagement; P3 is your one stop shop for any professional service on all platforms.

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