Case Study

Ensuring Compliance and Efficiency

How Project 3 Consulting Revamped a Major Automotive Company’s Consent Platform.

Case Study Details

Our client (“Client X”), a major automotive company, faced significant challenges with their consent management system. They initially implemented the software themselves but failed to properly track or maintain it after implementation. As a result, their consent platform became outdated and malfunctioning, posing serious compliance risks.

Key Issues

  • Consent Management

Key Technologies

  • Usercentrics

Key Services

  • MarTech Migration
  • Strategy
  • Implementation
  • Data

Brief Summary

Project 3 Consulting resolved critical compliance issues with user consent management for a major automotive company. By implementing the Usercentrics consent management platform (CMP), we helped ensure adherence to data privacy regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These regulations are designed to protect users by giving individuals more control over their personal data. For example, if a visitor opts out of cookies on a website, the platform must respect this choice and not track their activity.

The Challenges to Better Consent Management

Client X’s pain points include:

  • Lack of maintenance led to malfunctioning consent management.
  • They didn’t have a dedicated team to stay on top of consent management and lacked the necessary expertise.
  • Tags fired despite visitors opting out, risking non-compliance with CCPA and GDPR.
  • Potential legal violations posed significant business and financial risks, including hefty fines, reputational damage, and loss of customer trust.

Case Study - Compliance Image

“Project 3 should be incredibly proud of all the work that they did. Their expertise in implementing and maintaining Usercentrics has been invaluable, ensuring we stay compliant and avoid potential legal issues. We now have peace of mind and a robust system in place.”

– Client X Representative

Our Strategy and Implementation Process

Project 3 Consulting stepped in to address these issues by:

  • Assessed the existing consent management platform and identifying key issues.
  • Conducted a vendor assessment and recommending Usercentrics as the optimal solution.
  • Implemented Usercentrics, a robust consent management platform that helps businesses comply with global data privacy regulations by collecting, managing, and storing user consents for data processing activities.
  • Ensured proper maintenance and regular updates of the consent platform.
  • Validated the tag management system was honoring the user preferences set in the consent management system.
  • Provided training and support to their team for a smooth transition.


The Results and Benefits

The impact of our solution was significant:

  • Increased compliance with CCPA and GDPR regulations.
  • No more unauthorized tag firing, protecting user privacy.
  • Reduced risk of legal repercussions and fines.
  • Enhanced trust and credibility with end users.

By partnering with Project 3 Consulting, Client X overcame critical compliance challenges and now enjoys a fully functional and compliant consent management system. Our ongoing maintenance ensures they remain in good standing with relevant regulations.

Case Study Consent Compliance Process

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