Time’s Running Out: Google Analytics is Set to Delete All Your Historical Data

Google Analytics is set to delete all your historical data

On July 1, 2024, Google Analytics will permanently delete all data in Universal Analytics (UA), erasing all your historical data to oblivion. Don’t watch helplessly as your valuable insights disappear into the digital void. Back up your data now before it’s too late.

What happens if you don’t back up your data?

Imagine waking up on July 1 to find your historical data evaporated into thin air—all your past successes and failures are but distant memories. For businesses reliant on historical data to chart their course and create goals, this is a nightmare scenario. But fear not—there’s still time to save it all.

Downloading your data isn’t as simple as clicking a button; but it needs to be done.

Upcoming changes to Google Analytics: Conversions to Key Events

Your business must also prepare for the following:

  • Say goodbye to UA settings accessed through third-party integrations. Also, API requests related to UA properties will fail to display, including Looker Studio.
  • Goals and ecommerce transactions tracked through Universal Analytics will cease recording new conversions, including those from linked advertising accounts.
  • The disappearance of Universal Analytics audience lists could impact the activation and performance of your ad campaigns.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? We can help.

Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you through the treacherous waters of data exportation, ensuring that your historical UA data remains within arm’s reach. And if you’re eyeing the transition to Google Analytics 4, we’ll help you seamlessly integrate your data for a smooth transition.

While it’s possible to back up your data yourself, we highly recommend seeking the assistance of an expert. Without expert guidance, there’s a risk that your data’s integrity could be compromised. Inaccurate or incomplete data can result in misguided decisions, missed opportunities, and setbacks in achieving your business objectives.

Contact your experts at Project 3

Project 3 Consulting utilizes powerful tools like Google BigQuery to ensure the accuracy and security of your data. Google BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse designed for analyzing and querying vast datasets in real-time. It offers unparalleled scalability and performance, allowing us to efficiently manage and analyze your data to extract valuable insights. With Google BigQuery, we can streamline data processing, uncover hidden patterns, and optimize your decision-making processes, empowering your business to thrive in today’s data-driven landscape.

Still clinging to your UA data like a lifeline? Let’s talk. We’re here to ensure that your data survives the impending purge. Don’t let July 1 catch you off guard—fortify your data defenses today.

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