A Glimpse into the Visionary Mind of Scotty Hagen, Co-Founder of Project 3 Consulting 

The birth of Project 3 Consulting wasn’t scripted in corporate boardrooms or predicted by market trends. It was an impulsive burst of creativity, sparked when Scotty Hagen found himself at a career crossroads due to a corporate takeover. He aspired to forge a sanctuary, a haven, where the brightest minds could nurture a digital transformation canvas amidst times of workforce restructuring and economic downturn. 

Scotty’s corporate journey includes roles in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, spanning finance, tech, and retail. These experiences honed his data, client success, account leadership, and analytics skills, fueling his dedication to industry excellence and innovation. With unwavering resolve, Scotty embarked on a journey, engaging friends, colleagues, and industry peers. As he revealed his entrepreneurial mission, diverse expertise converged. 

“At Project-3 Consulting, our vision is deeply client-centric, but it’s equally about empowering our team. I believe in fostering an environment where we empower each other, learn together, and engage in knowledge exchange. It’s through this collective effort that we craft innovative solutions and service structures tailored to our clients’ unique needs.” 

– Scotty Hagen

On March 6th, 2020, Project 3 became a reality. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation and client-centric excellence. What began modestly grew into a team of 55 across the United States, India, Greece, and the Philippines. 

At Project 3 Consulting, our core mission revolves around shaping strategies that lead organizations to optimizing current technical investments and processes. Project 3 Consulting uses customer journey use cases as the basis for creating these strategies and a flexible roadmap. Given the nature of this process, the highest value use cases are executed first, paired with the current Marketing Technology stack that has already been invested in or is being implemented. In addition, we assess the current data collection architecture to ensure the proper data is being collected to execute on the use cases and the data needed to determine the impact the use cases are having against stated goals.  These insights serve as the bedrock for our clients’ informed decision-making, providing them with the precision and confidence needed to navigate their unique paths to success. 

We’re more than data and marketing; we’re transformation architects. Our expertise extends beyond data analytics, encompassing both Adobe and Google stacks, agility coaching, auditing, reporting, and the expertise of the MarTech architects we partner with. We specialize in enhancing user experiences, optimizing journeys, and refining digital marketing.  

Our commitment extends to training, empowering clients to navigate data analytics and digital marketing. We adapt to various industries, from e-commerce to healthcare, as trusted partners. In a competitive market, we stand out through our dedication to client success. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends, our emphasis on data-driven decision-making, and our holistic approach to client partnerships solidify our role as not just consultants, but as catalysts for your growth and innovation in the digital age. Our success is your success.

Become a Change Catalyst at Project 3 Consulting 

Project 3 Consulting is not merely a consultancy; it’s a vibrant community of innovators and visionaries. Our origin story, rooted in an unbridled passion to build a sanctuary and the desire to create something extraordinary, speaks to the heart of our ethos. 

Our commitment to data-driven strategies, digital marketing mastery, customer-centric transformation, technology integration, and performance optimization provides you with a platform to catalyze change. If you’re an entrepreneur with a fire in your belly, eager to make a difference and shape the future of business, contact us, and learn how you can jumpstart your career at Project 3 Consulting. 

About Project 3 Consulting 

Founded in 2020, Project 3 Consulting is a global consultancy led by co-founder and digital marketing expert, Scotty Hagen. With a team of 55 professionals spanning the United States, India, Greece, and the Philippines, we specialize in data-driven strategies and innovative solutions that drive business growth for our clients. As industry catalysts, we lead the charge in digital transformation as consumers continually shape the future of business.