Analytics Engineer

Job Category: Technical
Location: Remote

Project-3 Consulting takes companies data analytics and tag management to a new level by working with experts in the field to ensure the most optimized digital marketing technology. We’re a client-driven culture, looking for creative, self-motivated, and brilliant individuals to help us continue to overachieve and exceed our client’s expectations. On the PRJ-3 team you will have the opportunity to work with prominent brands, collaborate with some of the brightest people in the industry, and help build out our success stories.

Project 3 is looking for an Analytics Engineer to join our growing team. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver groundbreaking solutions to solve data and analytics challenges for our clients. Analytics Engineers work with our clients directly on their data and analytics projects, including data layer architecture and implementation, data analysis, tag management configuration, and analytics QA.

Analytics Engineers must be detail-oriented, work collaboratively with others, and proficient in using data to provide strategic advice. They play an active role as subject matter experts within PRJ-3, aligning client needs with innovative data collection, reporting, and visualization to achieve their goals. A successful specialist will have a passion for digital marketing and web analytics, and a track record of implementing and maintain accurate tags, as well as providing thoughtful data analysis.


  • Perform auditing, discovery, and documentation of analytics applications to help clients configure and modify their reporting based on the business needs.
  • Implement new tags or change existing tagging via a Tag Management System change.
  • Write custom JavaScript to parse data from the page and populate data in tags.
  • Work with business stakeholders to understand requirements and produce technical documentation needed to implement that change, including data layer updates.
  • Follow technical best practices and development approaches for multi-channel datasets.
  • Serve as subject matter expert (SME) and educator on analytics implementation, best practices, technologies, governance, and platform options.
  • Leverage data from a/b testing to provide valuable insight and recommendations to the client
  • Streamline processes for new and ongoing tagging
  • Troubleshoot analytics code defects and make updates to analytics code bases.
  • Provide critical thinking and subject-matter expertise to drive analytics conversations forward and support clients throughout their analytics journey.
  • Collaborate with data engineers, data analysts, and optimization specialists to define requirements, KPIs, determine optimization opportunities, consult on A/B testing strategies, and increase revenue for clients.
  • Collaborate with sales, developers, business analysts, and enterprise architects to solve complex analytics requests from initial consultation through selecting appropriate frameworks, tools and approaches.
  • Provide ongoing review with business teams to identify data capture in support of business questions;
  • Maintain solution design document
  • Identify problems and using quantitative and qualitative analytical strategies to measure the effectiveness of programs, interventions, and efforts
  • Perform QA for all digital data capture efforts; troubleshoot all tagging and trafficking issues
  • Collaborate with external vendors for successful completion of analytics deliverables
  • Lead ongoing web analytics requirements and establish tagging governance
  • Conduct ongoing maintenance


  • Proficient in the technical implementation of analytics tools including but not limited to Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Preferably, candidates will be able to adapt their industry expertise to a variety of analytics, optimization and marketing tools’ needed.
  • Must have Adobe Analytics and/or Google Analytics experience
  • Comfortable preparing / cleansing data & creating dashboards in a BI framework such as Tableau, Google Data Studio, or comparable tools
  • Experience with A/B testing tools such as Google Optimize, Adobe Target, etc.
  • Skilled in tag management systems including Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Ensighten, Signal, and Adobe Launch
  • Fluency with JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, R, and SQL
  • Experience designing and using a Data Layer to populate tagging data
  • Experience debugging JavaScript code
  • Experience QAing tags and data layers
  • Experienced in building out reports in Tealium Audience Stream, Salesforce, Marketo, or other Marketing automation tools
  • The ability to write clear technical documentation and/or updating existing living documentation
  • The ability to present analytics ideas to clients
  • Excellent interpersonal and oral communication skills
  • Highly motivated, team-oriented, self-starter, responsible, and focused on over-achieving goals
  • Good communicator and presentation skills