Adobe Summit 2024

Project 3 Consulting is thrilled to attend Adobe Summit 2024, offering expert guidance in marketing strategy for the Adobe Stack, including Adobe Analytics, Launch, Target, CJA, AEP, AEM and more. Join us to explore innovative strategies and unlock your marketing potential.

March 26-28 at the Venetian Convention in Las Vegas

Project 3 Consulting at Adobe Summit 2024

Let's Grab Coffee At Summit!

We’re giving away FREE Starbucks gift cards and other awesome swag on Tuesday, March 26th around 7:00 am to 8:00 am near the Starbucks in Venetian during the Adobe Summit. Come find us by looking for our bright green ranch shirts, otherwise you can enter your information below and we’ll contact you!

Venetian Starbucks Map
Project 3 offers expert guidance in marketing strategy for the Adobe Stack.

Adobe Platform Insights

At Project 3 Consulting, we’re your seasoned experts in the Adobe Stack. Our experienced team crafts tailored marketing strategies, leveraging these tools to optimize campaigns, personalize customer experiences, and drive measurable results. With a deep understanding of the Adobe Stack, we empower businesses to maximize ROI and achieve growth through digital marketing initiatives.

Navigating the Adobe Experience Platform

Navigating the Adobe Experience Platform

From understanding the importance of creating memorable customer experiences to navigating the challenges and best practices of setting up AEP, our blog equips businesses with the knowledge and insights needed to drive loyalty and elevate their brand in today’s competitive landscape. Join us as we explore the power of AEP in transforming digital experiences and maximizing customer engagement.

Navigating the Adobe Experience Platform
Adobe Target vs Optimizely

Key Differences between Adobe Target and Optimizely

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive comparison between Adobe Target and Optimizely Web Experimentation, uncovering key features, pricing, and suitability for businesses of all sizes. Gain invaluable insights to enhance your digital strategy and drive impactful results. Don’t miss out on this essential resource for optimizing your online presence.

Adobe Analytics Audit

Communicating the Results of an Adobe Analytics Audit to Stakeholders

Discover efficient ways to communicate your Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch audit findings to stakeholders. This blog offers valuable tips: utilize visuals such as charts and mockups, maintain simplicity to avoid overwhelming them, and follow up to ensure clarity and alignment on next steps.

Adobe Analytics Audit

Let's Discuss Your Needs

If you have any questions or you’re ready to discuss how our expertise in AEP and AEM can help you evolve your organization, talk to a Project 3 Consultant.