CDP Services

What is a CDP?

A CDP is one central hub for your organization’s consumer data in which real time data is collected, unified, and analyzed for the purpose of providing consumers with a more targeted, relevant, and personalized digital experience.

How does it work?

A CDP ingests and stores customer data across channels and platforms into a single database to unify that data, resolves consumer identities, analyzes trends and patterns, and allows your team to take immediate decisive action on insights gained.

Why do you need one?

As more and more marketers are discovering, working with multiple agencies and vendors to manage, analyze and mobilize their consumer data is not only exhausting, it’s expensive. Utilizing the right CDP with the help of Project 3 takes the stress and overload out of the equation and stretches your marketing technology dollar further.

Why work with us?

Here at Project 3 Consulting, we understand the juggling act that is managing relationships with multiple agencies and vendors. With our CDP services, we take pride in managing the stress of these transitions so our clients don’t have to. Project 3 Consulting is a pioneer in CDP guidance and consulting.  As a early industry leader we can guide your strategy and provide platform agnostic advice on the different vendors and service packages available to you, and – more importantly – you get the customer service and support that provides you with the peace of mind you’ve been missing. Contact us today to get started!

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Did You Know?

Over 55% of Project 3’s clients belong to the Fortune 500.