Adobe Analytics/Adobe
Launch Audits

Industry Best Practices

Our audit includes recommendations based on industry best practices for naming conventions, account/permissions structure, workspaces, dashboards, data layer implementation, and more. Connect with us today to see how we can streamline and update your Adobe Analytics and Adobe Launch practices.

Our Auditing Process


  1. Verify/check each tag deployed on your digital property to make sure it is functioning correctly and is compliant with data privacy laws.
  2. Inspect data layer.
  3. Verify events and variables are collecting data as expected.
  4. Document findings and recommendations.
  5. Share results with client team.

Why work with us?

Staying ahead of an ever changing industry and its best practices takes time and energy away from other essential functions of your team. At Project 3 Consulting we do the heavy lifting for you by applying updated and innovative best-practices with forward-looking recommendations so you can effortlessly stay ahead of the curve.

Don’t let another product or industry update catch you by surprise. Contact us today to start your audit!

Did You Know?

Over 55% of Project 3’s clients belong to the fortune 500.